School Outreach: Youth Ambassadors with a lot of ‘Jazba’

On Saturday 5 January, we launched the Youth Ambassador training sessions with a bang! (Well, there was an unexpected disturbance just outside due to a protest).

Youth Ambassadors from 3 schools got together at Ida Rieu to:

1. Learn beginner’s sign language,

2. Make Inclusive Ludo games,

3. And learn about disabilities and inclusive society.

The group that produced the best Ludo set came up with a name for the group as well: ‘Jazba’!

This was the first of four training sessions for Youth Ambassadors. Students from Froebel Education Center, Ida Rieu and Southshore attended with great enthusiasm. It is part of a larger initiative to train and empower students to demand rights for people with disabilities and raise awareness about inclusive society!

Keep an eye out for updates here and contact if your school would like to take part in the next cycle.

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