Executive Committee

Amin Hashwani

President (2008 – current)

A Cornell University graduate, Amin Hashwani serves as the President of NOWPDP. In addition to NOWPDP, Mr. Hashwani also holds five other offices of business and non-business organizations. He has lead several delegations abroad, organized international events, moderated international forums, been a guest speaker at seminars in Asia, Europe and the United States and have mastered social initiative within and outside Pakistan. Recipient of several national and international awards, and an honorary doctorate; Mr. Hashwani also possesses invaluable knowledge in the philanthropic sector.

Ronak Iqbal Lakhani

Vice-President (2011 – current)

Well known for her valuable contributions in working towards people with disabilities, Ronak Lakhani currently serves as Vice President of the NOWPDP Executive Committee. Ms. Lakhani is also the Secretary General of Special Olympics Pakistan.

Laila Dossa

General Secretary (2011 – current)

In addition to holding the office as General Secretary of NOWPDP, Laila Dossa is also Chairperson of the JS Academy School for the Deaf; and teaches at Karachi Grammar School. Ms. Dossa has served as the President of the Pakistan Association for the Deaf as well.

Khayam Husain

Treasurer (2011 – current)

Graduate from University of Houston and Pepperdine University, Khayam Husain is Treasurer for NOWPDP and Managing Director of Automobile Corporation, Pakistan. In addition, Mr. Husain is involved in work for Karachi Relief Trust, International Chamber of Commerce, International Road Federation, Pakistan Trucking Forum, Association of Road Users of Pakistan (ARUP), and the Charter for Compassion Pakistan.

Aly Mustansir


Former General Secretary of the NOWPDP Executive Committee, and currently a Member, Mr. Mustansir was Head and EVP, Marketing and Brand Management of Habib Bank Limited Pakistan and is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Bank Alfalah Limited.

Abid Shaban


Professionally a lawyer, and academically a Lawyer and an Engineer from Univeristy of California – Mr. Shaban is currently a lawyer at Shaban and Co., and former Vice President of NOWPDP. In addition to that, Mr. Shaban holds extensive experience of the development sector, after having held executive positions numerous key socioeconomic development initiatives.

Sarah Hashwani


In addition to holding office as chairperson and member of the board of trustees of the Hashoo Foundation; Sarah Hashwani, also volunteers her time as an Executive Committee member at NOWPDP board as well, bringing with her a wealth of national and international experience.

Mehtab Sheikh


Responsible for its initial programme development in the areas of employment generation and capacity building for network organizations, Mehtab Shaikh is the founding Executive Officer of NOWPDP. Previously Ms. Sheikh worked in Human Resources Division for a financial services organization and in academia.

Zarah Khan (in lieu of Hussain Tajani representing AKSWBP)


Zahara Khan is an award winning professional with passion for international development. She has 17+ years of experience and has led award-winning and internationally acknowledged multi-sectoral programs involving national and international stakeholders. She has co-founded two social enterprises – a health social enterprise and an Information & Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) solutions company. Her special interests include Sustainable Human Development using Integrated Service Delivery Models; Program Design & Project Management for Social Sector; and ICT4D.

Sohail Khoja


Sohail Khoja is a Civil Engineer by profession, and was accredited by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in 2006. He carries the distinction of successfully mediating the first dispute independently referred to the KCDR for resolution.

Along with the Engineering profession, he also carries a passion for teaching and has been associated with the local education boards. He has served as the Director and Vice Chair on the Board of Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan, and holds a position in the National Committee of the Aga Khan Foundation. He has also taught and presented before the students of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, and Sir Syed University. He possesses an M.B.A. and a B.E. (civil) degree.