Making Karachi an Accessible City

Project Goal:

To make Karachi a city that provides access to people with disabilities, through regulation reform and upgrading infrastructure.

Our Contribution:

In April 2012, NOWPDP, the Government of Sindh Special Education Department and the Commissioner of Karachi Division announced a campaign to make Karachi an accessible city.

To achieve this, a standing subcommittee was formed with the following mandate:

  • To identify the short term measures to be undertaken to make Karachi as a Disability Friendly City
  • To identify the buildings/public places controlled by public/private sector with specific recommendations to ensure implementation of accessibility codes/and to make them disability friendly.

Members of the subcommittee include:

  • Commissioner, Karachi
  • Sindh Building Control Authority
  • Directorate of Military Land & Cantonment
  • Association of Builders and Developers, Pakistan
  • Institute of Architects Pakistan
  • Special Education Department, Karachi University
  • Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industries
  • Government of Sindh Special Education Department


At a Glance:

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Since: 2012
Status: In Progress

Funding Source: None Required

  • Government of Sindh, Special Education Department
  • Commissioner, Karachi