Teacher Training Programme


In a country where several systems of education run parallel, special education is an arena that lacks mainstream attention. “Journey of Hope”: a report by Aga Khan Council (2008) highlighted facts about lack of trained Special Education teachers. E.g., from a total of 2992 Special Education teachers in Pakistan, only 18% have qualifications related to Special Education.

Our Contribution

Subsequently, NOWPDP launched the initiative ‘Master’s Trainers Program’, funded by SJDA, on early childhood development for children with special abilities. The overall program objective was to enhance the calibre of special education teachers to provide quality education to children, while taking care of their needs, not just in Karachi but across Pakistan as well.


Focus of training was to train volunteers to become Master Trainers who would then pass their training across Pakistan. NOWPDP’s comprehensive plan also included countering the broken Ripple Effect – a post-training problem where the trainees did not pass on their training. The integrated periodic feedback sessions with the master trainers helped counter it. Moreover, during the training sessions, culturally-friendly training material helped reach out to a wider audience.


Phase I – Sight Reading

Phase II – Character Development and Behaviour Management for Children with Special Needs

At a Glance:

Program Overview: Since the Journey of Hope report, NOWPDP has journeyed from the initiation of the Teacher Training Program to its implementation. The implementation not only covers trainings, but post-training measures to gauge the depth of the effect it had on participants as well. The program has trained 600+ Special Education Teachers to date.

Since: December 2010

Status: In Progress…


Funding Source: Silver Jubilee Development Agency (SJDA)

Partners: FESF