Teacher Training Programme, Phase 1


The objective for Phase I was to enhance the capacity of special education teachers by introducing a relatively new teaching technique that enables them to teach children to read using Sight Reading. The Master Trainer Mary A. Reik, Director at Family Educational Services Foundation, along with trainers – Ayesha S. Jamal, Sadia Tariq, Tehmeena Waqas, Yasmeen Mohammad trained the teachers in Karachi (conducted in Aga Khan University – Institute of Educational Development) from March – December 2010 and Sindh (Government Pilot Project School for Physically Handicapped, G.O.R. Colony Hyderabad) in June 2012.





Number of Teachers Trained




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After the trainings, in Karachi and Sindh; the end line surveys revealed that most participants had found the acquired teaching technique useful and had implemented it for some time. During implementation, teachers made slight modifications to the technique for autistic and intellectually challenged children, and integrated games and activities to enhance children’s learning as well.

Focus group discussions revealed that the teachers felt the children had not learnt till they responded to questions. Post-training, follow-up workshops and/or more guidance from NOWPDP post-training were the choice of majority as all the respondents unanimously appreciated the training. They highlighted the initiative of NOWPDP in catering to the training of teachers for special education, which was the “need of the hour”, and that this was the first of its kind workshop they had attended.


At a Glance:

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Since: December 2010

Status: In Progress

Impact: 518 special education teachers trained

Funding Source: Silver Jubilee Development Agency (SJDA)

Partners: FESF