Teacher Training Programme, Phase 2


Phase I then proceeded to Phase II in liaison with special schools officials (Karachi), with the same set of Master Trainers. The objective of this programme was to take a holistic approach to Character Development and Behaviour Management for Children with Special Needs. This technique introduces latest concepts and research findings to teachers and discusses strategies for behaviour modification and introduces proven tools, like charts and Individual Behaviour Plans, for teachers to use in their classrooms.


For this reason, Family Education Services (FESF) was contacted for curriculum development of the training. Keeping in mind the learning from Phase 1, focus was kept to run a complete two-day training instead on a 1-day workshop for better retention of the teachers. The trainings were conducted within a duration of two month i.e. April – June 2012.


Number of Teachers Trained


Number of Schools Reached


Follow ups will conducted in September and October to measure the depth of implementation from trainings in Karachi and Phase I Sindh.


Verbal and written feedback from the schools and teachers was very positive as they mentioned in the learners’ feedback form that working on behaviour management and character development of children with special needs is the need of hour and after attending the session they will be able to deal with the issues related to behaviour management more effectively.


At a Glance:

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Since: April 2012

Status: In Progress

Impact: 121 special education teachers trained

Funding Source: Silver Jubilee Development Agency (SJDA)

Partners: FESF