Legal Rights Brochure

Know Your Rights


After continuous, relentless efforts, NOWPDP’s team published the ‘Know Your Rights’ Brochure on 17thNovember 2009. The purpose of the brochure was to outline all the provisions of different sectors, in one readily available document, that is available for differently-abled from the Government of Pakistan.

This brochure added to NOWPDP’s efforts to support the emancipation of People with Disabilities (PWD). Available in Urdu and English, the brochure’s contents include the pre-requisites to avail the benefits, covers various sectors such as:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Financial assistance
  • Health
  • Residence
  • Travel
  • Postal Services
  • Custom Relaxations on Automobiles
  • Assistive Devices, etc.

اپنے حقوق جانیں


The brochure lists down all the benefits that come under each sector, enhancing the convenience for people to access the diverse information. Moreover, NOWPDP distributed 7000 hardcopy of brochures to all its member organizations and various government departments.

The brochure is available on the NOWPDP website as well, and is updated as soon as the Government of Pakistan releases new information.









At a Glance:

Publication Date: 17thNovember 2009

Purpose:  Outlines all the provisions of different sectors, available for the differently-abled citizens, from the Government of Pakistan


Funding Source: Silver Jubilee Development Agency (SJDA)