yaqeeen (embedded – empowered – equal)

What is yaqeeen?

Yaqeeen is NOWPDP’s disability consulting initiative, which envisions a Pakistan where people with disabilities are embedded, empowered and equal. The program commenced operations in 2014, combining the essence of different NOWPDP projects and campaigns like The Rickshaw Project, Accessible Karachi, Educational Development and Improvement Program (EDIP), and NOWPDP Recruitment Services (NRS) to provide a sustainable, empathetic and impactful approach towards making institutions inclusive.

What we do?

Yaqeeen seeks to build the capacity of institutions such that they become equal opportunity providers, inclusive of people with disabilities, by ensuring that the following objectives are realized:

Accessibility –
Building Infrastructure
Reviews, recommendations and audits to ensure institutions have the infrastructural capacity to accommodate people with disabilities
Sensitization –
Raising Awareness
Knowledge sharing to equip stakeholders with the skills and knowledge required to interact and communicate with people with disabilities
Employment – Empowering Ability Equal opportunity provision whereby people with disabilities get a fair chance to avail positions at institutions
Policy Framework – Institutionalizing Diversity Build inclusive policies and trainings into the institutions framework to protect the rights of people with disabilities to ensure sustainability
How the program works?

What the Law says?

The Disabled Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) Ordinance, 1981, promulgated by the Government of Pakistan prescribes a quota of two percent for compulsory employment of people with disabilities. The disabled person employed under this quota “is entitled to all the terms and conditions, which will in no way, be less favorable to other persons employed in that establishment.”

*After the devolution of power to local governments in Pakistan, the quota for compulsory employment of people with disabilities differs from one to three percent across provinces.

Who are we working with?

HBL – 30 branches across Pakistan

Engro Corp & its subsidiaries

Shell Pakistan


  • “...the session at Zarkhez was by all standards, very interactive and interesting. The session was not too lengthy, the presentation conducted in Urdu encouraged active participation, and the PWD guest speaker’s discussion with the participants was very motivating.”

    -Diversity Lead, Engro Fertilizer
  • “You and your team are doing a great job, in fact you are playing imperative role in society for vigilance & change. Participants also appreciated Engro’s efforts at the willingness to change and take the initiative to become inclusive."

    -Executive, Engro
  • “Congratulations to you and your team on holding an excellent session on Disability this morning. Unfortunately, it’s an area of lowest awareness in our society and even so called parha likha section of the community doesn’t give required respect and opportunities to people with disability. I personally learnt quite a few new concepts and got motivated to do better in this area of extreme importance, good work.”

    -CEO, Engro Polymer