8 Benefits Given to Persons with Disabilities Hardly Anybody Knows About

Most of the persons with disabilities NOWPDP has met have been unaware of the benefits and facilities provided to them by the State through the Constitution.

However, in order to avail these benefits, a person with disability should have

  1. An Employment Exchange Card (Sindh Only)
  2. Disability Certificate (applicable to all provinces)
  3. Special CNIC (applicable to all provinces)


Here are the benefits you are entitled to if you are a person with a disability/s

1. Persons with visual impairment are exempt from admission and tuition fee in universities


With education constitutionally free from the age of 5-16 for children, persons with disabilities can seek education from special education centers run by DGCE for free or from other places till Intermediate Levels. Persons with visual impairment don’t need to pay


2. 5% Employment Quota for Persons with Disabilities


Companies have to hire at least 5% persons with disabilities if their work force is over a 100 people (Applicable to Sindh)


Click here to know more about the quota and what NOWPDP can do for your employment: ­­­­­­­­­­_____


 3. 50% Discount on Air and Railway Fare for Persons with Visual Impairment


You will need to show a copy of a certificate indicating you are bona fide blind duly certified by a Civil Surgeon with a required seal of authority.


4. Custom Relaxations on Locally Assembled Automatic Cars


You are entitled to Duty exemption on locally assembled automatic cars not more than a 1300 cc car if you are an Income Tax Payee with a disability.


 5. Free Medical Treatment


You are entitled to free medical treatment in Federally Governed Hospitals when need be.



6. Financial Assistance per Annum for Families with Children with Disabilities


A family can get Rs 25000 per annum if it has two or more children with disabilities from Pakistan Bait ul Maal. A family with one child with disabilities is entitled to Rs 10000 per annum through Bait ul Maal.


Requirements: Application form, Copy of CNIC, A picture displaying the person’s disability and a Disability Certificate


Click here to find out the process to get a disability certificate:


7. Assisstive Devices Provided Free of Cost


By showing the same requirements as for financial assistance, you can get assistive devices like wheelchairs, white canes and hearing aid from Bait ul Maal.


8. Artificial Limbs and Prosthetic Available Free of Cost


Just by showing your Disability Certificate, you can get artificial limbs and prosthetics as per your needs for free through Bait ul Maal.



For further details on benefits and facilities for persons with disabilities, CLICK ON THIS LINK: https://www.nowpdp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Know-Your-Rights-English-Brochure.pdf

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