A series of Baithhaks at NOWPDP

Baithhaks have increasingly become one of the most popular and recurring events of NOWPDP since 2017.

The overarching theme for it has been to bridge the gap between persons with disabilities and successful/inspirational people hailing from different industries/companies in Pakistan to propel the former in moving forward and becoming economically empowered.

2018 was an eventful year for we met with scintillating and inspirational people whose sessions were greatly appreciated by our beneficiaries and general public alike. Irfan Wahab Khan CEO Telenor, Magnus Lindkvist renowned futurologist, Zarrar Khuhro, Wusatullah Khan & Mubashir Zaidi; journalists at Dawn TV, Hassan Sheheryar Yaseen ; leading fashion designer among the cohort of the guests who came and recounted their personal journey with struggles and successes.

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