About Dastoor

The literal meaning of the word Dastoor is ‘System’. For NOWPDP, this represents a system that requires adjustment for improvement and inclusivity.

Globally, persons with disabilities (PWDs) are excluded from educational opportunities, as only 10% are able to attend school, and only 5% complete primary school. As a result, a vast majority of PWDs also remain excluded from the benefits associated with education, such as better jobs, social and economic security, and opportunities for full participation in society. It is to change this trend or the system that reinforces this trend that the program ‘Dastoor’ was launched.


With Dastoor launching The Inclusion Academy which is a model integrated set up for children with and without disabilities studying together is a good example of how special education in Pakistan could be: inclusive and effective. Apart from inclusive education in Pakistan in the formal paradigm, skills-development training is heavily emphasized upon with NOWPDP facilitating training for persons with disabilities in Pakistan as well.

Dastoor undertakes different projects for improving access to educational opportunities for PWDs, with the eventual goal to facilitate their socio-economic inclusion.

Dastoor functions in the following areas:

Dastoor works on the capacity building of schools in the following areas:

Formal Education:
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