The literal meaning of Yaqeeen means ‘Belief’. For NOWPDP, this represents the belief that persons with disabilities will soon be treated equally in the economic paradigm.

Due to financial and economic exclusion of persons with disabilities, Pakistan’s economy faces a loss of around 20 billion US Dollars as reported by British Council – in their report Moving from the Margins.

Yaqeeen is our disability consulting initiative, which focuses on promoting equal opportunities for economic empowerment to persons with disabilities, through the provision of self-employment opportunities and by building the capacity of institutions to become disability confident.

Jobs for persons with disabilities in Pakistan is a burning dilemma that NOWPDP and Yaqeeen make efforts to improve, be it through intense sensitization routines of institutions or working on the workplace accessibility in Pakistan to make spaces more accommodating. And, we promise to strive further in this mission.

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