Accessible Cycle Design Challenge session held at NED University of Engineering & Technology (NEDUET), Karachi

2nd February 2016: A session on NOWPDP’s Accessible Cycle Design Challenge was held at NED University of Engineering & Technology (NEDUET). Amin Amir Andani, Manager – The Rickshaw Project, and Zaynab Abedin, Assistant – External Engagement, represented NOWPDP and interacted with approximately 35 students from Mechanical Engineering Department.

Amin shared inspirational stories of persons with disabilities, touching on how simple mobility solutions can open a door of opportunities for them. He also shared rationale and details of the Accessible Cycle Design Challenge. The students showed their interest and a few told us that they have already registered for the Challenge.

The session was followed by a brief talk by AIESEC representatives regarding their upcoming initiative called Youth Speak after which a token of appreciation was given to the NOWPDP Ambassador from NEDUET – Muhammad Farrukh, in recognition of his efforts.

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