Accessible Cycle Design Challenge session held at PNEC NUST Karachi

A session was conducted on 25th January 2016 in Jauhar Auditorium, PNEC NUST to engage students  from mechanical and electrical engineering backgrounds regarding the Accessible Cycle Design Challenge (ACDC). The Rickshaw Project Team, including Program Drivers Vishal & Anwer, and an External Engagement team member represented NOWPDP. Amin Amir Andani, Manager – The Rickshaw Project, introduced NOWPDP, elaborated on ACDC and shared inspirational stories of persons with disabilities.

With a strength of 55 interested students and 10 faculty members, the session was followed by a question & answer session and a small Youth Speak Survey conducted by AIESEC Pakistan. The Head of Department – Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman Qureshi, & his team of Professors were extremely welcoming and  informed us that their final semester students will be submitting their designs as their Final Year Project (Thesis). A token of appreciation was also presented to the two NOWPDP ambassadors from PNEC NUST – Asad Khan & Saad Ahmed, for their dedication in promotional and coordination efforts, especially for this session.

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