Accessible Cycle Design Challenge session held at SZABIST, Karachi

2nd February 2016: A session on NOWPDP’s Accessible Cycle Design Challenge was held at SZABIST with students belonging to the Mechatronics Department. Amin Amir Andani, Manager – The Rickshaw Project, and Zaynab Abedin, Assistant – External Engagement, represented NOWPDP and interacted with the students and faculty members present in the session.

Amin shared inspirational stories of persons with disabilities, as to how simple mobility solutions opened a door of opportunities for them and touched upon rationale and essential details of the Accessible Cycle Design Challenge. The students and the faculty were extremely receptive of the Design Challenge. With around 40 students, this was the institution where many questions were raised and ideas pitched. Some students from SZABIST have already registered for the challenge and a few have taken this as their Final Year Project. The students were also willing to come to our office to ride the conventional tricycle, so they themselves can understand the problems persons with lower-limb impairments face.

Tokens of appreciation were also exchanged between NOWPDP representatives and faculty member Dr. Tahir, who on behalf of Mr. Aneel Ahmad – Professor Mechatronics facilitated the session. NOWPDP anxiously looks forward to the design entries.

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