NOWPDP's Goals for 2020

NOWPDP makes constant efforts to advocate for the rights for people with disabilities living in Pakistan. Goal of NOWPDP's Advocacy efforts is to ensure that existing laws and policies made for people with disabilities are effectively implemented, whereas new policies are made wherever necessary. NOWPDP believes that inclusive policy making is the first step towards an inclusive Pakistan.

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Lack of data on Disability, combined with the cumbersome process of attaining a Disability Certificate and Special CNIC, makes it very difficult for the government to identify the accurate number of people with disabilities living in Pakistan. In order to bridge the gap between registered population of people with disabilities and the actual figure, NOWPDP advocates for:

  1. Special CNIC Camps
  2. Easier process of acquiring a Disability Certificate
  3. Special Arrangements for People with Disabilities at NADRA

The federal & provincial governments have announced various facilities for people with disabilities living in Pakistan. The Sehat Sahulat Program, as per the announcement, will cover the medical cost of ALL people with disabilities. However, the facility is not available to residents of Sindh, as of now. NOWAdvocacy's health oriented approach will ensure easy access to medical facilities for people with disabilities through the effective implementation of announced policies.

Formal Education (Higher)

NOWPDP's vision of economic empowerment of people with disabilities through the inclusion in workplaces is incomplete without the effective implementation of inclusive policies in higher education institutes. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has developed a comprehensive policy for students with disabilities. NOWPDP advocates for the implementation of this policy, through constant communication with the relevant stakeholders.

Formal Education (Primary)

In order to ensure an inclusive future, it is absolutely necessary to focus and invest in inclusive education at the primary level. As per the Pakistan Education Policy of 2017, the goal of Pakistan's government is to enroll 100% children with disabilities in schools by 2025 and make at least 50% educational institutes accessible. NOWPDP, through various interventions, including its advocacy efforts, work towards effective implementation of these goals.

Vocational Education

Apart from inclusive formal education, NOWPDP also recognizes the importance of vocational education/training. NOWPDP provides free-of-cost training to people with disabilities at NOWPDP Training Center. Moreover, NOWPDP advocates for an inclusive vocational training curriculum at the NAVTCC level.


NOWPDP's vision of economic empowerment of people with disabilities through inclusion at workplaces is incomplete without government's support for the same. Therefore, NOWPDP constantly advocates for the implementation of employment quotas set by provincial and federal governments of Pakistan.

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