'Baithak' kicks off: Engaging with the general public

The Rickshaw Project team kicked off a series of community engagement talks titled ‘Baithak’ on Sunday 8th November 2015, beginning with Baldia town. The aim is to sensitize the general public by debating on, and therefore promoting, gainful employment for persons with disabilities.

The Rickshaw Project stars- Imran, Vishal and Anwer led an insightful debate among the public and were able to elicit support for persons with disabilities through the symbol of ‘support’ in sign language. The highlight of the discussion was when the Imam of the neighborhood mosque realized that an empathetic approach should be adopted for persons with disabilities and vowed to correct the Zakat system which currently caters to individuals in need based on a sympathetic approach.

‘Baithak’ intends to sensitize Karachiites in all areas, step-by-step, in the following months..

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