Baithhak Session: Hasan Azhar, CEO HRSG talks about recruitment along with the need for dialogue on disability inclusion

Thursday, 7th December 2017: NOWPDP hosted another one of its Baithhak sessions, this time with the CEO of HRSG Hasan Azhar. HRSG is a leading giant in the realm of recruitments and placements and the organization is responsible for ensuring jobs to a large number of people.

Hasan Azhar in his talk mentioned personalities with disabilities that had moved and inspired him and used them as a premise when urging the audience consisting of persons with disabilities and otherwise to persevere and work hard to hone whatever skills they have because all of them possess the ability to. He was also gracious by talking about a potential partnership between HRSG and NOWPDP that could greatly facilitate persons with disabilities.

He appreciated NOWPDP having sessions like these because they help create dialogue. According to him it was important that people were talking about disabilities which could lead to viable changes happening. To him it was already evident because more and more corporations are getting mindful of this reality and making opportunities for persons with disabilities’ integration.

Our KhudMukhtar incubatee Fahim who owns a Shawarma stall was also present and all attendees had the chance to enjoy his food.

NOWPDP has been hosting these Baithhak sessions frequently for they have proved to be beneficial to the utmost in sparking a dialogue where persons with disabilities get the chance to voice what they have to say.

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