Celebrating the spirit of Women's Day 2017 with Ms. Musharaf Hai, MD L'Oréal Pakistan

KARACHI (15th March 2017): NOWPDP hosted a session inviting guest speaker Ms. Musharaf Hai, Managing Director L’Oréal Pakistan, to enlighten persons with disabilities, especially ladies, with her professional and personal experience. Agha Steel Industries, I Am Karachi and Radio FM 91 were generous partners for this initiative.

“I am here today to share my experiences with you all and motivate you to do something for yourselves – take on the challenge. I began my career at a time when barriers for women were very high, especially in the corporate sector – nowadays there are lesser barriers so you have many more opportunities even if you would like to work from home”, she begun. Ms. Hai also touched upon struggles in her life and outlined how having a disability should not be the reason to move ahead in life and chase one’s dreams. She repeatedly emphasized on taking ownerships of one’s life to work towards a progressive and better tomorrow. In her words “If you can communicate well, dress well and are mobile – you can go places in life.”

“We will work with NOWPDP to facilitate opportunities for ladies with disabilities as we have in the past for underprivileged ladies through our Beauty for a Better Life program”, concluded Ms. Musharaf Hai. Mr. Amin Hashwani, President – NOWPDP concluded the session by thanking Ms. Hai for the inspirational session and reinforcing to the audience – the need to be internally motivated to pursue one’s goals in life.

Refreshment boxes specially prepared by Agha Steel Industries were distributed amongst the 70 attendees with and without disabilities and were enjoyed by all. NOWPDP looks forward to hosting similar sessions, in collaboration with its wonderful partners, to invest in the development of persons with disabilities at its accessible and inclusive space located in the heart of the city.

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