CEO Telenor Mr. Irfan Wahab and CEO Systems Limited Mr. Asif Peer Visit NOWPDP for Baithhak Sessions

Baithhak sessions were held at the NOWPDP House and were graciously attended by Mr. Irfan Wahab, CEO Telenor and CEO Systems Limited. The session was attended and greatly appreciated by students and adults with disabilities and otherwise.

Mr. Wahab stressed on the importance of equality for persons with disabilities as he found them to be just as talented as individuals without disabilities. He also imparted great insight on how he thought it was imperative to give back to the society by recalling his own journey.

He also appreciated NOWPDP efforts in arranging such sessions for they help open people’s minds more to different possibilities and ideas. They also bridge a gap nothing else can by creating dialogue and NOWPDP absolutely reiterates that and intends to have more sessions like these.

Mr. Peer commended NOWPDP for this initiative and recalled his own story of how he worked hard to achieve his dreams. While emphasizing on the need of hard, he also iterated the idea that everybody, with disabilities or otherwise, had potential and talent that could be tapped into to succeed. Mr. Peer and Systems Limited were also enthusiastic about the prospective of being more inclusive in having a cohort of persons with disabilities getting hired for the company.

NOWPDP is grateful to these imminent individuals for imparting such insight to persons with disabilities and boosting their morale to progress.



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