ChayeKhana: IBA students and NOWPDP discuss disability inclusion

Thursday, 4th May 2017: As part of NOWPDP’s efforts towards raising awareness about disability and persons with disabilities, a ‘ChayeKhana’ session titled ‘This ability called disability’ was organized at Institute of Business Administration Karachi (IBA). The Social Sciences Club at IBA and Syed Muhammad Ahmed, NOWPDP’s student ambassador from IBA, were actively involved in hosting this session.

Amin Andani, Manager – External Engagement, Ismat Juma, Associate – HR, and Ali Tareen, Associate – Yaqeeen interacted with students present in the session and discussed stories and examples of persons with disabilities overcoming barriers in reality.

NOWPDP is thankful to IBA for the warm welcome and looks forward to keeping strong ties with educational institutes and the youth in furthering its mandate of an inclusive society.

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