Commemorating Labor Day with stories untold at RJ Wafa's show Desi Girl on FM 91

May 1st 2017: Ali Tareen, Program Associate – Yaqeeen, and Zaynab Abedin, Associate – External Engagement, were live on RJ Wafa’s show Desi Girl on FM 91. The aim was to share stories of persons with disabilities who have been gainfully employed and also of those who are building their careers with facilitation from NOWPDP.

Ali Tareen was also asked to share his personal and professional journey with the audience from the perspective of a person with disability. The team also met with RJ Khalid Malik who was of the opinion that “Very few people realize that to bring change we need a shift of mindsets or perspective. You at NOWPDP have that new perspective after dealing with multiple challenges and I would love to learn from you. The simple formula for change is to take action!”

NOWPDP looks forward to the future engagements with its Exclusive Radio Partner – FM 91.



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