Consultative Meeting with Transport and Traffic Police Representatives held at NOWPDP House

NOWPDP organized a consultative meeting with representative of of Transport and Traffic Police Department. The Secretary of Transport & Mass Transit, Mr Tuaha Farooqui, DIG Traffic, Dr Amir Sheikh, Secretary of Provincial Transport Authority, Mr Ghazanfar Ali Qadri and DIG Licensing Branch, Dr Aftab Pathan, along with Mr Amin Hashwani, President of NOWPDP and Omair Ahmad, Director of NOWPDP.  

The Motor Vehicle Ordinance rejects the provision driving commercial vehicles and driving licenses to persons with disabilities. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the problems faced by persons with disabilities in receiving driving licenses and to facilitate on-road access. 

The government officials have shown their receptiveness to provide their maximum possible support to NOWPDP in their vision to promote an inclusive environment for persons with disabilities.

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