Discussing the need to educate/train our youth with disabilities on 'Eik Dum Live' with Dino on HTV

14th April 2017: Zaynab Abedin, Associate-External Engagement, along with Habiba Fatima, trainee who completed a Graphic Design course from PACC through Program Dastoor and her father Mr. Rao Afzal Ali were invited to Dino Ali’s show ‘Ek Dum Live’ on HTV.

Habiba’s story (shared by her in sign language), her family (shared by Habiba’s father) and NOWPDP’s role (shared by Zaynab) in enlightening her were shared and the dire need to educate/train our youth with disabilities was emphasized. Dino spread the message of diversity and inclusion towards the end of the show and the pledged to support NOWPDP in its endeavors.

NOWPDP is thankful to HTV and Dino for this opportunity and looks forward to disseminating disability awareness in partnership with the media.

Watch full show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Oqyk9p20Dc

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