Drop, Cover and Hold on! NOWPDP joins the ShakeOut Drill

ShakeOut Drill is an initiative by AKDN Disaster Risk Management Initiative (DRMI) in collaboration with FOCUS Pakistan to educate the masses about safety measures to adopt during an earthquake. The procedure is based on three simple steps: Drop, Cover and Hold On. The Drill is held in October every year.

NOWPDP participated with AKDN Disaster Risk Management Initiative (DRMI) and FOCUS Pakistan to host a ShakeOut Drill in their workplace. The employees were given the relative information for safety procedures during earthquakes. Following which all employees practiced the three steps: ‘Drop, Cover and Hold On’.

The goal of the activity was to increase the level of basic preparedness amongst the NOWPDP employees and ultimately to get them involved. The basic information of preparedness was made understandable to all 35 employees of NOWPDP after the drill.

We will continue to raise awareness so that it can greatly reduce death and injuries, create awareness among others and help make our country safer from the damage caused by natural disasters.

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