heARTwork organizes Paper-making exhibition at SRSC

To celebrate the successful conclusion of paper-making training at the Society for Rehabilitation of Special Children (SRSC), under the Inclusive Karachi for People with Disabilities Campaign which is a part of the ‘I am Karachi’ initiative, a paper-making exhibition was organized by heARTwork at SRSC.

The exhibition showcased over 50 cards made from recycled paper, decorated beautifully using quilling technique and varying color schemes, made by students of SRSC. A short ceremony was also conducted at the exhibition in which different students stepped up to the stage and described the entire paper making process in detail. The head trainer from heARTwork, Mr. Pervaiz Ahmed, also spoke at occasion about his experience with the students at SRSC. Meanwhile, Mrs. Talat Hashmi, Principal – SRSC, praised the work of the children and announced her decision to integrate paper-making into the curriculum of SRSC..

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