Here is What Persons with Disabilities Need to Know About the Job Quota if They Live in Sindh

It is important that all persons with disabilities know that the job quota for persons with disabilities has been increased from 2% to 5% now in all government offices and companies. The increase came into action in March 2018.

Increasing the job quota helps more seats be reserved for persons with disabilities who would want to apply to jobs. It paves way for them to secure jobs that might have been denied systemically before to them.

Any company or entity with a 100 employees at the minimum needs to uphold the 5% quota or there are to be consequences. If a company fails to act and employ persons with disabilities according to the set quota, they will have to pay the Government’s disabled persons rehabilitation funds the same amount of money they would have paid persons with disabilities each month.


However, in order to get this benefit, a person with disability needs to have the following documents;

  1. Employment Exchange Card
  2. Disability Certificate
  3. Special CNIC


Click here to learn the process to get all of the above:


It is important for persons with disabilities to know their rights, especially when it comes to their jobs and employment for that can propel them to move forward independently. These are benefits and facilities given to them and they have the right to avail them.

This is why NOWPDP strives hard to pave way for more employment opportunities for persons with disabilities to facilitate their economic empowerment. One of its programs, Yaqeeen is a disability consulting initiative which work specifically for employment of persons with disabilities.


Click here to learn more about Yaqeeen:

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