In-House Textile Design Trainee at NOWPDP gets hired by Amir Adnan

Noman Ahmed, NOWPDP’s in-house textile design trainee has been hired at Amir Adnan!

Amir Adnan visited NOWPDP house for his motivational Baithhak session after which he gave the in-house textile design trainees very insightful feedback on their designs. All trainees have a hearing and speech impairment.

Upon witnessing Noman’s talent in textile designing and his raw determination to prove himself, Amir Adnan decided to have Noman hired as a Visual Merchandizer for his outlets.

Team NOWPDP also gave a Sensitization session at Amir Adnan’s which was met with great enthusiasm.
NOWPDP applauds Amir Adnan’s inclusive initiative and looks forward to working more with Amir Adnan.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out I had gotten this opportunity. I remember the day Amir Adnan was going to come. All of us were so nervous because we all look up to him. And then we showed him our designs and he praised me a lot. This was the best day of my life”, said Noman.

We wish Noman Ahmed the best of luck.


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