In Memory of Asad Rafi

We are deeply grieved by the demise of Asad Rafi, an inspiring motivational speaker and author of ‘Steel Wheels – The Unbreakable Journey’. He also served as a member of  NOWPDP executive committee.

Asad Rafi was diagnosed with Friederich’s Ataxia, which is a neuro-degenerative disease causing progressive damage to the nervous system. However, he did not let his condition define himself and began achieving his dreams. He gave motivational talks at Karachi Grammar School, Beacon House School, Aitchison College, CBM, IBA, LUMS and Kinnaird College, and conducted seminars, workshops at companies like Unilever, Faysal Bank, GlaxoSmithKline and Dawood Group. Asad Rafi was an important figure in raising awareness for Friedrich’s Ataxia and also striving to achieve a wheelchair friendly society.

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