Inaugural Convocation of NOWPDP Training Center for Persons with Disabilities

6th December, 2018: Held as part of the week of disabilities, NOWPDP had their first graduation ceremony for the new Training Center for Persons with Disabilities. Students from various disciplines including Microsoft Office, Call Center, Basic Computer Operation, Textile Designing, Couture work (Karigari) and Rickshaw Driving were present to receive their certificates, having completed their training diligently.

Mr. Amin Hashmani himself conducted the convocation and distributed the certificates, congratulating the trainees on their excellent performances and continuous hard work. From its inception NOWPDP has impacted thousands of lives for the better, and will continue to do so through its programs.

One of the high achievers, Zainab Ali stated, “NOWPDP gave me a platform to explore my strengths and showcase my skills. I feel more independent now after my training and I am so happy that I got a medal. I have never been in a graduation ceremony before and attending my own with my parents is something I never thought I would experience.”

Having been awarded the certificates, these fresh graduates are now ready for the corporate world to take on the employed life.

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