Interventions with Children with Disabilities


NOWPDP prides itself for providing a variety of support for Children with Disabilities in order to enhance their academic and skill-based learning. We aim to equip students with the necessary expertise to ensure that they become successful and productive members of society. To this end, NOWPDP stages two types of interventions:

Skills Training Workshops

NOWPDP has identified market relevant vocational trades that we wish to introduce in special schools to inform students about the different career options available for them as they come closer to graduation and to solicit vocational skills.

Math and Science Interventions

In tandem with skill training workshops, to create a more interactive classroom that fosters skill based inquisitiveness, we wish to incorporate mathematical and scientific concepts, among other school syllabic, that closely relate to the vocational skills being taught at these schools. This provides a strong academic and conceptual backing to the practical vocational skills being taught, resulting in a more holistic understanding of their respective trades.

Augmented Reality Games with Wondertree

NOWPDP with the help of Wondertree conducted augmented reality games for children with multiple disabilities. These activities can play a vital role in improving motor skills of these children. Schools like Society for the Rehabilitation of Special Children were one of the few organizations had their children with disabilities undertake these activities.

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