NOWPDP operates in the development sector with a focus on inclusion through empowerment of persons with disabilities. Our view on persons with disabilities is for them to be an important stakeholder in the bigger picture, whether one considers education or employment, ergo the saying “A Part. Not Apart”. The core values behind NOWPDP’s framework are empathy, action and social justice. Therefore, the splayed fingers in our logo mark represent the whole, with the smaller, slightly different thumb representing persons with disabilities as an integral part of it.


Persons with disabilities (PWDs) have equal access to opportunities and are an integral part of society


Promote an inclusive society through holistic and sustainable endeavors in the areas of education and economic empowerment

  • » Raise awareness about persons with disabilities.
  • » Build the capacity of institutions and persons with disabilities.
  • » Advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • » Facilitate access to opportunities and services for persons with disabilities.



Organizational Structure
organizational structure
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