Khud Mukhtar - business idea competition for persons with disabilities enters Mentorship phase

June 2017: Project Khud Mukhtar has entered the mentorship stage following shortlisting of best business ideas from the 100+ that were initially received. This phase brings 20 mentors from various industries, who will meet up with the mentees/mentee groups assigned to them, once per week for three weeks. The aim is to polish business plans of mentees and and prepare them for their final pitch in July. Mentors were invited to the NOWPDP House for a disability sensitization session before the mentorship commenced.

“I am so happy & honored to be a part of this innovative project. I hope to do my best to guide, encourage and empower people with disabilities to strive for entrepreneurial positions and establish their own businesses”, says mentor Shaheen Khan, CEO of Khanz Designs

Noman Khalid, who heads Love for Data, remarks “I chose to become a mentor because of very personal reasons. The differently-abled people in project Khud Mukhtar are all very capable in different ways and someone only needs to guide them in that direction. I think I can be that someone. I’ve done it before and the satisfaction it brings is immense. If we make ten businesses, that’s ten families whose lives we are transforming. The impact here is probably not going to be immediate, but in three years there will be a lot of improvement in the lives of these families as well as act as a beacon of hope for others.”

NOWPDP is thankful to all mentors on board for this initiative and looks forward to their continued support.

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