'Lemonade with Tanzila': NOWPDP participates in women empowerment workshop

Wednesday, 22nd March: NOWPDP participated in the women empowerment workshop by renowned Lahore-based disability advocate – Tanzila Khan. Three of Dastoor’s trainees with hearing impairment – Habiba, Nilofer and Abeera were in attendance along with Zaynab Abedin  – Associate, External Engagement, to take inspiration from the motivational speaker for their personal and professional development.

Some of Tanzila’s words of wisdom were as follows “You need to build your own identity and decide if you want to become just famous or do something for Pakistan as well. Passion cannot just be about yourself, it has to be about serving others. Additionally, disability does not mean anything – you need to use your skills and passion, this is what makes you powerful.”

NOWPDP looks forward to attending similar inclusive and though-provoking workshops.

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