'Meri Duniya Ke Rang': Inclusive Wall Painting activity hosted by NOWPDP to commemorate I Am Karachi Day

Friday 25th March 2016: As a lead-up activity of the I Am Karachi Day, which aims to promote the beauty and talent of Karachi, NOWPDP hosted a wall painting activity titled ‘Meri Duniya Ke Rang’ at its office in Saddar, Karachi.

This was an effort to promote the talent of students with disabilities from Ida Rieu School and to increase inclusion and awareness, using art as a medium. Teachers and students from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture sketched the NOWPDP boundary wall with a beautiful mural which was filled with colors by students with hearing impairments from Ida Rieu. NOWPDP’s team members with disabilities also actively took part in the activity. All participants happily wore the I Am Karachi shirts to celebrate the spirit of Karachi and the inclusive activity.

A certificate distribution ceremony followed by refreshments marked the completion of the activity. The attendees left on a very satisfied note, requesting NOWPDP to continue executing inclusive activities in the future.

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