Mr. Shahzeb Mahmood, MD Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan inspires students and adults with disabilities at NOWPDP

Thursday, 6th April 2017: NOWPDP hosted a session inviting guest speaker Mr. Shahzeb Mahmood, MD Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Pakistan, to enlighten persons with disabilities with his professional and personal experience and give them guidance for their careers.

“We are all born with certain strengths and weaknesses and have the power to choose or make our decisions so don’t say ‘This was my fate’ because you can always make progress and will eventually be rewarded for it”, said Mr. Shahzeb, also touching upon struggles in his life and how he overcame them. He outlined the process through which one should identify his/her strengths and weaknesses and areas of interest in life to choose a career path. His guidance for the various industries one can establish his/her career in was most appreciated by the audience and was followed by a Q/A session regarding opportunities in the various sectors and at RB itself.

“We will open positions at RB for you all (persons with disabilities) to join our team in December this year”, concluded Mr. Shahzeb Mahmood. Mr. Omair Ahmad, Director – NOWPDP concluded the session by thanking Mr. Shahzeb for the inspirational session and presenting a token of appreciation.

NOWPDP looks forward to hosting similar sessions, in collaboration with its wonderful partners – Agha Steel Industries, I Am Karachi and FM 91 (exclusive radio partner), to invest in the development of persons with disabilities at its accessible and inclusive space located in the heart of the city.

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