Nadia's Story

“Main kabhi bhi apnay ghar se bahr nahi gayi hun, woh bhi kisi training kay liye apni ma’azuri ki wajah se. Lekin main chahti thi apni zindagi kay sath kuch karna. Mujhay silai ati hai tou maine socha is he se main apni aur apni family ki madad kerun. Aur is training se maine boht kuch seekha hai.”


Nadia is a 27-year-old woman who before the self-employment training had never left her house for anything. She along with her two brothers has a severe physical impairment, which renders her unable to move around on her own.

Nadia was tired of isolating herself at home and depending on other people to take care of her. She realized that she enjoyed stitching clothes and that she had a natural flair for them and that paved way to her new and only aspiration. She decided she wanted to support herself and help her family by her skill of stitching clothes.

In order to get better at what she did, she started stitching clothes of her extended family and neighbors for free. She would stay up nights getting her orders done and making sure her new customers were happy with what she gave them.

Nadia found out about NOWPDP’s initiative of supporting persons with disabilities kick-start their businesses and along with her brothers, applied for the opportunity. Unfortunately, her brothers weren’t selected but she got through all screening and vetting for the self-employment training that NOWPDP was giving in collaboration with Seed Ventures.

“Getting out of the house and going to a training is all new to me but also exciting. I never thought I could do all of this and yet here I am. The trainers are very patient and helpful. I learned so many new things about running a business and I think I can do this!”, said Nadia about the whole experience.

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