Yaqeeen and HBL’s journey continues

Furthering activity to create a disability inclusive environment at HBL, NOWPDP’s yaqeeen team traveled to 9 branches at various locations in Karachi. While yaqeeen’s architects worked on reviewing infrastructural inclusion, the research team conducted surveys, focus groups and interviews with employees to understand the degree of attitudinal inclusion. This April 100+ employees at HBL shared their valuable thoughts on the perceived concept of disability in society. In its pursuit to get diverse insight on prevalent opinions and perceptions about persons with disabilities and assess accessibility of premises, the team will be traveling to Lahore and Islamabad to carry out the research and review phase. Over 250 employees at 12 branches will be covered by the end of May. Our mutual objective is to understand HBL’s readiness for disability inclusion, suggest recommendations and develop/deliver sensitization-awareness training for the same. In this two-year collaboration, NOWPDP aims to create an environment that upholds and values the rights of persons with disabilities, starting with 30 branches of HBL across Pakistan, being made inclusive.


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