NOWPDP and Sheops commence partnership


14th November, 2018: An esteemed guest of our renowned baithaks, Nadia Patel Gangjee of Sheops recently signed a partnership with NOWPDP to promote women with disabilities and back their businesses.

Killing two birds with one stone, Sheops is breaking barriers on equality and inclusion.  Established as Pakistan’s first female only online marketplace, providing services with safety as the top priority, this is an exciting step for economically empowering our community. Over its course, Sheops has impacted the lives of thousands of women, earning from the comfort of their homes.

Through such a platform, women with disabilities can gain independence and take rightful charge of their own destinies. In a society like ours, this is a progressive move of great significance. We are proud to collaborate with Sheops and aim to bring on more exciting ventures on board to give persons with disabilities a sustainable future.

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