NOWPDP attends the 5th Joint Network meeting organized by The Law Society of Pakistan & Insaf Network Pakistan

Tuesday 22nd December 2015: NOWPDP attended the 5th Joint Network meeting organized by Dastageer Legal Aid Center [of The Law Society of Pakistan (TLSP)] in collaboration with Insaf Network Pakistan (INP). Mr. Malik Safiudin Awan, Founder and Director TLSP, recapped previous meeting points and welcomed all attendees (NGOs and lawyers) present in the meeting after which attendees introductions and discussions followed. The meeting came to an end after all attendees, including NOWPDP, signed the ‘Charter of Justice’ that intends to protect vulnerable populations (including persons with disabilities) in Pakistan.

TLSP is a non-governmental organization working in Karachi since 2010 for advocacy of judicial reforms at policy level and promotion of legal system based on human rights. It is running Dastageer Legal Aid Center (DLAC) in Karachi since a year, providing cost efficient and quality legal aid services to poor and vulnerable people under the ‘Access to Justice for Vulnerable Populations in Pakistan’ project.

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