NOWPDP commits to promoting SDGs

NOWPDP participated in an event co-hosted by Unilever and Standard Chartered to support the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development, with a special focus on tackling issues of poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change in Pakistan. This collaboration endorses Project Everyone, a global initiative to raise awareness of the Global Goals, reaching seven billion people in seven days.

Following the success of Millennial Development Goals (MDGs), the UN has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be implemented globally in the next 15 years, ensuring health, safety and future of the people. The event included a roundtable dialogue which aimed at developing actions for the implementation of the SDGs.

NOWPDP along with a range of organizations, across the private and development sector, discussed current progress in Pakistan with regards to the accomplishment of the Goals as well as future plans which would contribute towards the accomplishment of the Goals.

During the event, Omair Ahmad – Director, NOWPDP, discussed how NOWPDP is striving for achieving its vision of providing persons with disabilities equal access to opportunities and mainstreaming them for making them an integral part of the society.

NOWPDP also made the following pledges to show its commitment towards the accomplishment of the sustainable development goals, with each pledge being aligned with a particular SDG Target:

  • Develop skills of 200 persons with disabilities in 2016, through the NOWPDP Vocational Training Center as well as training conducted by heARTwork Ambassador Team at different schools. This number would increase by 10% every year and would contributed towards achieving SDG Target 4.5.
  • Establish inclusive educational institutes across Pakistan which will contribute towards achieving SDG Target 4.a.
  • Build capacity of private institutions, with a special focus on banks, to make them inclusive of persons with disabilities, through Yaqeeen – NOWPDP’s disability consulting program, for achieving SDG Target 8.5.
  • Improve on-road access of persons with disabilities through The Rickshaw Project which works for legislative changes to provide persons with disabilities with driving licenses, advocates for expanding public transport by paying special attention to the needs of persons with disabilities, and introduces innovative mobility solutions for persons with disabilities, such as accessible cycles and retrofitted motorcycles to help achieve SDG Target 11.2.
  • Increase accessibility of public places for people with disabilities in to help achieve SDG Target 11.7.
  • Empower and promote social, political and economic inclusion of people with disabilities through SCNIC registration drive and development of legal rights and benefits brochures to help achieve SDG Target 10.2.
  • Collect, compile and distribute timely and reliable data pertaining to persons with disabilities by utilizing the network and the NOWPDP Resource Center for achieving SDG Target 17.18.


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