NOWPDP Conducts a Water Drive Giving Out Cold Water to the Traffic Police Under the Scorching Heat

With each passing year Karachi is experiencing a rise in the mercury, with each summer trying to outdo the previous in terms of heat. While most of us have the luxury of working in air conditioned offices on our desktop computers, there are those of us who have to be outside in the elements, making just enough to provide essentials for their families. Summer has become a time when many of our hardworking citizens lose their battle against this unforgiving heat, as they strive to win livelihoods.

The Rickshaw Project team tried to provide some respite and support to our hardworking citizens, particularly the guardians of the city, starting with Traffic Police wardens.

We did this by collaborating with Nestle Pakistan and providing the Traffic Wardens with chilled bottled water to stay hydrated, as they direct traffic and prevent accidents, and face the brunt of this weather. All their lives People with Disabilities are helped by others, our objective here was to do the opposite, have our rickshaws which are all driven by a Person with disabilities drive across Karachi and help our Guardians in this heat.

All our drives started off at 12 pm when the sun was at its zenith and the wardens were facing the brunt of the heat. The game plan was simple, cover as much distance in 3 days. Thankfully we covered most of the major arteries before running out of water bottles.

We covered the following locations in the 3 days:

Day 1: Clifton, Defence.

Day 2: Shahrah e Faisal and its adjoining areas

Day 3: MA Jinaah Road, Nazimabad, Gulshan, Liyari & Saddar.

A total of 500 bottles were handed out in these 3 days. We are thankful to Nestle Pakistan for providing us with this opportunity to help our hard working Traffic wardens.

Faheem Khan 

Program Manager – The Rickshaw Project

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