NOWPDP conducts disability inclusion training at Bhandar Sangat (BHS), Hyderabad

16th August 2016: Bhandar Sangat (BHS) is currently undertaking a livelihood project in Mirpurkhas District with Irish charity organization – Trocaire. As part of the follow up to the Disability Inclusion Training conducted on 30 March 2016 by Program Yaqeeen, which was attended by two representatives of BHS, Faizan Polani and Nabil Shaukat from NOWPDP conducted a one-day orientation with the staff of BHS at their office in Hyderabad.

An understanding of disability issues in Pakistan as well as elements related to disability such as Policy and Legislation, Accessibility, Workplace Inclusion and communication etiquette were covered by Faizan and Nabil. The session was largely interactive and the participants took keen interest in developing an understanding of disability and its different types. They identified the need to raise awareness amongst the residents of the areas in which they are operating about disability inclusion and mainstreaming, and also making the vocational training center, which they had established as part of the livelihood project, inclusive of persons with disabilities.

The follow up session culminated in participants identifying action steps which would be taken by BHS to make the organization and its programmatic activities, in particular those in the areas of livelihood, inclusive of PWDs.

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