NOWPDP conducts disability inclusion training at Indus Resource Centre (IRC), Jamshoro

11th August 2016: Indus Resource Center (IRC) is currently undertaking projects in disaster risk reduction (DRR) and sustainable livelihood in Dadu District with Irish charity organization – Trocaire. As part of the follow up to the ‘Disability Inclusion Training’ conducted on 30th March 2016, which was attended by a representative of IRC, NOWPDP conducted a one-day orientation with the staff of IRC at their office in Jamshoro, through Program Yaqeeen.

Faizan Polani, Samar Naqvi, and Nabil Shaukat from NOWPDP provided the IRC staff with an understanding of disability issues in Pakistan as well as elements related to disability such as Policy and Legislation, Accessibility, Workplace Inclusion and communication etiquette to support them in making an action plan for disability inclusion, in particular the areas of DRR and livelihood.

IRC suggested that not only can they ensure that PWDs are among the beneficiaries of the interventions undertaken by them, but also that they can partner with Government departments, such as Social Welfare, Special Education and Bait-ul-Maal, and private institutions that are working for PWDs to work towards the inclusion and mainstreaming of PWDs in the society.

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