NOWPDP conducts disability inclusion training at Pakistan Institute of Labour, Education and Research (PILER), Karachi

Friday, 19th August 2016: Pakistan Institute of Labour, Education and Research (PILER) is currently working on the front of advocacy of livelihood rights in the districts of Dadu, Mirpurkhas, Sanghar and Umerkot with Irish Charity organization – Trocaire. As part of the follow up to the Disability Inclusion Training conducted on 30 March 2016, which was attended by two representatives of PILER, NOWPDP, through Program Yaqeeen, conducted a one-day orientation with the staff of PILER at their office in Karachi, and reviewed the organization’s HR policies and provided feedback on them.

Faizan Polani and Karim Navroz Ali from NOWPDP provided the PILER team with an understanding of disability issues in Pakistan as well as elements related to disability such as Policy and Legislation, Accessibility, Workplace Inclusion and communication etiquette to support them in making an action plan for disability inclusion, in particular the areas of advocacy and livelihood.

During the interactive and discussion-based session, the participants discussed how they, as well as the society at large, viewed disability and Perons with Disabilities (PWDs) and how disability was indeed a cross-cutting theme. The participants also realized that PILER is already catering to PWDs through its activities, however there is a need to place more emphasis on making their interventions inclusive of PWDs owing to the fact that PWDs are amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in the communities in which PILER operates.

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