NOWPDP conducts disability inclusion training with Participatory Development Initiative (PDI), Karachi

18th August 2016: Participatory Development Initiative (PDI) is currently undertaking a livelihood project in the district of Umerkot with Irish charity organization – Trocaire. As part of the follow up to the Disability Inclusion Training conducted on 30 March 2016, which was attended by one representative of PDI, NOWPDP conducted a one-day orientation with the staff of PDI at the NOWPDP office in Karachi, through Program Yaqeeen.

Faizan Polani, Samar Naqvi and Karim Navroz Ali from NOWPDP provided the PDI team with an understanding of disability issues in Pakistan as well as elements related to disability such as Policy and Legislation, Accessibility, Workplace Inclusion and communication etiquette to support them in making an action plan for disability inclusion for their organization and programmatic activities, particularly pertaining to livelihood.

The active participants mentioned that after the initial training they received in March 2016, they reached out to persons with disabilities in their target areas more effectively and considered them as beneficiaries. Also since then their efforts have led to 16-17 people with disabilities being included as beneficiaries of their livelihood project, and those individuals are faring quite well, showcasing their abilities and dedication.

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