NOWPDP goes to TEDxBeaconhouseKarachi to speak about the ramifications of differences in society

6th January, 2018: Senior Associate Yaqeeen, Khadija Zia was invited to the TEDxBeaconhouseKarachi organized by the management of IBPD at Beaconhouse School System PECHS Campus, Karachi.

It provided a platform to inspiring people to share ideas and thoughts pertaining to their area(s) of expertise. The aim was to enlighten the audience, physical and digital, about the dynamics of a diverse set of professions/industries and enable people to innovate and create by empowering them with the inspiration and avenues to fulfill their aspirations.

She spoke about the “Art of Co-Existing” where she explained the ramifications of not accepting differences which can lead to conflict and the marginalization of the largest minority in the world: persons with disabilities.

She said, “Yes persons with disabilities are different, yes they do not fall under what’s normal for the majority, yes some can’t see, some can’t hear, some can’t speak, some can’t run or even walk. But if we keep being fixated on the differences in a negative connotation, if we keep focusing on what they can’t do, we will never be able to look past to what they CAN do.”

Watch the video here:


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