NOWPDP holds an inclusive cricket match with Tri-Pack

Friday, 20th October 2017: An inclusive cricket match was held by NOWPDP in collaboration with Tri-Pack. The team with NOWPDP which comprised of persons with visual impairment interacted with Nasir Jamal, CEO Tri-Pack who lauded NOWPDP’s efforts in bringing viable change in the educational and economic paradigms for persons with disabilities.

Two teams, Alpha and Omega faced each other on the pitch where each comprised of half of the team of persons with visual impairments and half of sighted individuals from the staff at Tri-Pack. Team Omega won the cup.

The staff at Tri-Pack and the persons with visual impairment thoroughly enjoyed this simulation activity and found it helpful in connecting on a more personal level. We look forward to holding more events like this where persons with and without disabilities can come together and engage with each other as a team.

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