NOWPDP hosts 'Dining in the Dark' at the Second Floor (T2F Café) to mark 'White Cane Day'

Tuesday, 24th October 2017: NOWPDP hosted Dining in the Dark at the Second Floor (T2F Café) to raise awareness for ‘White Cane Day’. This event was also conducted in an effort to bolster empathy for people with visual impairment and how they lead their daily lived routines with it.

The guests were blindfolded upon entrance and were given guides to facilitate their movement up the café and when needed. They were asked to keep the blindfolds on during the course of the dinner.

Our very own External Engagement Associate, Ali Tareen, who is a person with visual impairment as well spoke about his experiences. A debriefing followed which was given by the Senior Manager, Samar Naqvi on empathy being an important lens to use in order to look at disabilities.

The guests found this activity to be very stimulating and thought provoking. NOWPDP intends to organize more of such events to bring about an enriching experience for everybody that helps strengthen empathy.

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