NOWPDP Hosts the Much Awaited "Breathing Books" and Garners Immense Support

Sunday, 11th February 2018: NOWPDP organized the much awaited “Breathing Books” at TDF Ghar featuring five persons with disabilities as human books. Unlike a conventional library, readers attending were expected to borrow human books referred to as breathing books from the library desk and have conversations with them.

The first human book was Imran Ghanchi, a wheel chair user, who spent years in jail but came out determined to make a difference and created a retrofitted rickshaw that could be used for persons with lower limb impairment. The second book was wallet maker Noor Muhammad, our very own Khud Mukhtar incubatee, who has a physical impairment and now owns his own leather making business. The third book was Sahiba Rani, also a Khud Mukhtar incubatee, who has a physical impairment and would beg in her cycle opposite Gulf Market for eight years but decided to start her own business in the very place she begged. The fourth book was Khalid Anwar with a visual impairment who raps about his life. The last book Nabeel Siddiqui who has a hearing – speech impairment was a trainee at NOWPDP and is now enrolled in Indus Valley School, and also made sketches of his readers.

NOWPDP believes Breathing Books helps create dialogue which dismisses stereotypes about persons with disabilities, is grateful for the immense support pouring in and intends to have a series of it.


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